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Human Potential

Book "Human Potential: Methods and Techniques of Coaching and Training for Performance Development"

Overview of the book "Human Potential: Methods and Techniques of Coaching and Training for Performance Development" Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2015

Original title "Il potenziale umano. Metodi e tecniche di coaching e training per lo sviluppo delle performance". Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2009, 2nd edition 2015

  • © by Dr. Daniele Trevisani - Franco Angeli Publisher, 2009, ed. 2015

    Key concepts developed in the book "Human Potential"


  • The human being has its own global energetic economies, a set of delicate balances from which he derives the degree of overall “power”, the ability to deal with cases, actions, challenges, problems, small or large, simple or complex, dominating them, or – otherwise – getting crushed.
  • The alchemy of the entire personal energy is tremendously complex. Even the local districts of the human system have their own local economy.
  • We examine not only the whole, but also specific parts. The energy economy covers both macro-regions (eg.: physical and mental) up, scale down, to touch very specific micro-economies.
  • There are local economies in the physical districts, like a shoulder, knee, stomach, and every other organ.
  • The same is true for the economies related to mental skills, such as concentration, situational awareness, sharp decision making.
  • The mind has its own global economies which leads it to work for better or worse, as well as economies in specific cognitive areas, eg., creativity in finding solutions decreases when we are overstressed, or under excessive emotional fatigue, while relaxation and mental training increases it.

    Each district (both corporeal and cerebral) is also an open system, and is affected by the districts with which it interacts. The complex of individual energies is therefore articulate and it connects to the performance that the person may generate.

    Each organ lives of exhaustible resources, has its capacity thresholds, specific levels of resistance to stress and breakage, which can not be ignored. When we ask too much to ourselves we break.

    For example, rheumatologists and orthopedic doctors study the concept of “joint protection”, that is, the ” economy of the joint “: how much load it can hold, how much work it can absorb, what can damage it, what activities can toughen it. But without a holistic approach, a doctor would not care of your joints economy. He would probably give you an anti-inflammatory and throw you out of the office, ignoring your need for stretching, integration, physical activity, and the economics of your joint.

    Each area of the body, such as a knee, has its local economy, and we can study how much a person can run without inflaming it, what are the physical activity that can strengthen it, or rather hurt it, what kind of nutrients are needed to keep the cartilage in good condition, and even the skills needed for lifting a heavy object without damaging it.

  • Asking people to give performance without studying (1) the state of the energies they have, and, (2) local economies most directly involved in the specific performance, is not our philosophy and not even an attitude of good leadership.


    • The HPM Model deals with Self Expression but is really and deeply connected to Leadership and overall Human Resources or People Operations, since only a clear understanding of how Humans can perform (or instead be unproductive at low energy levels) generates effective leadership.
    • “Entering” in this Six-Cells Model requires first an overall view, and later the analysis of how the single “cells” work, both separately and together, to generate the highest Human achievements.
    • The work on the complexity of these “cells” is crucial. When we are able to generate an advance on any of these areas, we are boosting and empowering a portion of the hidden Human Potential.
    • Here we give a brief summary of what are the main contents of the six “cells”.


    1. The Bio-Energetic Level. This cell regard the beliefs and importance attributed to physical wellbeing, body power, the time devoted to it, the level of physical energies (organic energies) at which a person can arrive. This “cell” regards the biology of human beings, their body, the well-functioning of organism, and of its bodily districts; we can say that any soul without a body will just fluctuate, and the body becomes crucial as a vehicle for achieving our goals. The better our body works, the better the overall health and the higher the overall energies will be. Beyond a general and overall attention to the body, that is always a good and healthy habit, every role in life and every challenge poses requests that should be analyzed seriously and possibly met, such as improving cardio for athletes, or strength, or recovery time and resting, eating style, and so on.
    2. The Psycho-Energetic Level. This “cell” regards the level and meanings of mental energies, the pure motivational energies that individuals are able to generate, mental states that become very practical mental skills, such as focusing, attention, mental shape, ability to find the right mental approach, freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear. Mental energies determine tactical awareness, clean perception, sensing and intuition, and good strategic reasoning.
    3. The Micro-Skills Level: this “cell” regards the importance and meaning attributed to the details of any performance, the smallest fine points of how actions are put together to generate a performance, up to the details of the thinking process. Every action can be divided into a “chain of actions” that can be improved. Every decision or mental elaboration can be analyzed as a sequence of more subtle mental steps. If we are able to focus on these steps, better actions and better thought processes will derive, and the overall energy, again will increase.
    4. The Macro-Skills Performance Level: this “cell” regards the importance and meaning attributed to a “holistic” preparation, holistic knowledge and a wide spectrum of skills. It includes all the skills that we possess, all the range of qualities that we are able to master, and their level of mastery; it also includes the ability to connect our skills with the environment that surrounds us, perceive how it is changing and what new skills we must acquire to be effective in the environment where we must operate. When we feel that our skills are greater than the goal we can jump into any challenge. When we feel that we are powerless, even an ant will scare us. The preparation for the Micro-Skills also regard the “Training for the Unexpected”, face uncertainty, the ability to learn always new skills, to become learning machines that will love to know and research, and living as life-long learners with a passion for learning.
    5. Projects and Goal-Setting abilities Level: this “cell” regards the importance and meaning attributed to the “practical aspects” of a goal, the ability to transfer an unshaped will or “desire” into a well shaped and defined project. We can have a project against anxiety, a project for a specific sports match, a marketing project, a project for a bridge, or for an event. Any project can be aimed at something or against something that becomes tangible. This “cell” therefore regards the skills to transform a desire into action, operational planning and goal setting. Everything in this cell can be learned and trained.
    6. Spiritual Level – Vision, inspiring principles, and Life-Purposes. This cell regards the important and meaning attributed to a spiritual life, to higher values, life-purposes and principles, the internal will of generating a contribution for real and not only in public speaking. Any project or idea can be “full” or “empty” depending on how it relates with our internal values, moral principles, our dreams, and our deepest fears. Human Potential derives its highest form of energies in feeling a connection of our action with strong life-meanings. It requires sense and deep missions. This cell regards the most intangible spiritual and existential flow of energy. The content of this cell is very “culturally dependent” (meaning that every culture brings in a given set of values), but we can learn fantastic tools of “Reverse Engineering”. Memetic Analysis, Means-End Chains, and several other tools are there to help our journey towards Full Potential.


    Each of these states, or “cells” may have a certain level of “Power”, be “full”, “abundant”, well cultivated, well exercised, or be instead “empty”, deprived, weakened, impoverished, or even neglected and abused, malnourished, abandoned.

    When we say “empty” in a Semiotic term, we really refer much more to a condition of “emptiness of meaning”, rather than physical emptiness.

    If you see fat leaders, that clearly show, externally with their body, an internal lack of real meaning in the bioenergetics cell. That means lack of perceived importance of physical conditioning, and the continues procrastination of physical activity “due to other concomitant commitments”.

    I have seen any kind of people and leaders in my life, from Army Generals to Business Leaders, across any sector, and found that the amount of physical activity done had nothing to do with their rank or other concomitant activities. It was a choice generated by deep internal beliefs.

    Other leaders show very clear absence of meaning in the cell of “higher values” (cell 6), and speculate on drugs that harm people’s health, or could sell landmines made that target kids (landmines that look like toys) without having any trouble sleeping at night, while they should not sleep at all but rather die before committing other crimes against humanity.

    The overall energy of the person gets enormous benefits from “injections” of energies, skills and knowledge into the single cells. And as any fuel, it must be the good and right fuel, not whatever fills the tank.

    In turn-every “Injection” resonates into the entire system shaking it and liberating further energies.

    All the 6 Cells of the Exa-Leadership Model do communicate with each other and are open systems.

    From a good work on each cell, we can see very tangible effects: improved mood, anxiety and depression quickly and progressively vanishing, and higher results, performance, ability to decide, to be effective and produce positive change in the Self and in others.

    Human results depend on the energetic state of the different human systems, the ability to cultivate and nurture them, and – at the very foundation of all work – we have the sacred decision to work on them, the decision that “it’s my turn to work on myself”.

    Local status and the interaction between the various “cells” can produce the maximum of the potential or provide negative synergies, damages and malfunctions that prevent human beings to express themselves, when we do not take care of our “internal engines”.

    Personal resources and the individual potential can be “read” but also amplified through some serious work on the six areas.

    Any trip starts with a small step, and the decision to start to work on our “internal engines” and cultivate our best inner energies, getting rid of any pointless burden, is already a huge, gigantic forward step.

    © Copyright Dr. Daniele Trevisani

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