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Daniele's Resume

Dr. Daniele Trevisani, Senior Consultant, Trainer, Researcher, Coach, Writer

Daniele (Daniel) Trevisani


Daniele Trevisani, born in 1965, has 25 years of direct experience as coach, trainer, consultant and researcher.

His work extends up to teaching communication skills in United Nations (ONU - UN) Masters, and Coaching Officials for UN-NATO Commanders in Psychology, Communication, Mental Training and other critical skills.

His fields of expertise include communication, strategic research, intelligence, active training techniques, marketing and sales, psychology of management and leadership.

His training activities started in 1987 in UK and continue since then varying methods, approaches and application fields.

For his studies on effective communication and international/intercultural communication he was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship (1990, USA Government). He obtained the Master of Arts in Mass Communication (with distinction) at the University of Florida (USA) in 1992.

Experience in leadership includes team coaching in volleyball (American University of Washington) and coaching kickboxing athletes and teams (Master level). Merging sports leadership and managerial skills, he likes focusing on high impact training experiences.

As a Senior trainer, he holds a distinctive ability in combining and merging several disciplines, from strategic management to communication skills, with a focus on generating action and change.

Beyond front line training and coaching, he is very active in the production of new models for training and coaching, with several publications translated also in international languages.

Writer of 6 books in psychology of marketing, communication, human potential and HR, he combines a strong academic background with practical business experience, and passion for active training.

His Study Curriculum includes.                  

  • Laurea Degree (BA+Master) in DAMS - Performing Arts and Communication Science (University of Bologna, Italy), graduation with honors

  • Master of Arts in Mass Communication, specialization in Research Methods (University of Florida, USA), graduation with honors

  • Professional Master in International Marketing (IFOA Institute, Italy)

  • Training in Intercultural Communication (American University of Washington DC, USA)

  • Training in Drama and Theatre (University of Hull, UK)

Specialization in Psychology and Psychometrics (University of Padua, Italy).

His current activities range between:

  1. directly conducting advanced training programs in communication and management,

  2. research into active training techniques for management, with focus on cross-disciplinary integration,

  3. project management of training programs, coaching and consulting.

Current professional interest include:

  • Team Leadership and Optimal Functioning in Challenging and Extreme Environments

  • Culture and Leadership: practical applications in everyday operations

  • Management Methods

  • Active Training Methods

  • Appraising Competencies

  • Effective Communication

  • Presentation Skills

  • Communication and Persuasion

  • Psychology of Motivation

  • Team Development, Building Engagement and Motivation

  • Coaching for High Performance Teams

  • Human Factor

  • Human Potential

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Marketing Semiotics

  • Information and communication technologies

  • Human Potential Research

  • Intercultural Communication in Teams

  • Team Effectiveness

Core Portfolio Areas

Special fields

  • EBO (Effects Based Operations)

  • Psyops – Psychological Operations & Persuasive Communication

  • Humint (Human Intelligence)

  • Problem  Solving  Skills and  Psychology

  • Management Areas

  • Personal Development

  • Team and Organizational Development

  • Team Building

  • Change Management

  • People Management

  • Strategy & Leadership

  • Personal Coaching for Management Development

  • Marketing and Psychology of Marketing

  • Relationship Management

  • Cross-Cultural Training

  • Intercultural Communication and Management

  • Intercultural Leadership and Intercultural Teamworking

  • Sales & Strategic  Selling

  • Information Management & Communication Technology

Further Areas of Training Expertise

Coaching and Training topics include:


  • 360 Analysis and Analysis of Corporate Climate

  • Active Training in Management Education

  • Advanced Sales & Negotiation Training

  • Communication Planning

  • Design and Planning of Active Training Techniques, Training Projects & Experiential Learning

  • Emotional & Behavioral Leadership in Organizations

  • Experiential Marketing, Communication Training & Consulting

  • Holistic Human Resources Training Programs and Training Needs Analysis

  • Human Resources Analysis in Marketing & Sales

  • Management Coaching Techniques

  • Motivation & Performance

  • Organizational Development

  • Psychology of Consumer Research & Emotional Marketing

  • Psychology of Marketing and Communication

  • Psychology of Persuasion

  • Strategic management

  • Active Coaching

  • Active Training

  • Advanced Leadership Training, Emotional Leading & Team Building

  • Creative thinking and Creative Communication

  • Cross-Cultural Team Building

  • EBO approaches (Effects Based Operations) and EBO psychology

  • Empathy and listening skills

  • Frontiers of HR: Integration of Skills Training, Psycholinguistics, Bioenergetics and Motivational Training

  • Holistic Personal Growth Programs, Human Potential & Performance, in business & sports

  • Human Performance

  • Human Potential & Personal Development

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Personal Growth

  • Personal Leadership

  • Personal Resources Assessment and 360 Analysis

  • Psychology of Communication & Interpersonal Relations

  • Psyops – Psychological Operations

  • Sports Leadership

  • Total Quality and Unified Communications (Relational and Computer Mediated)

  • Vision Coaching & Strategic Coaching for Top Management & CEOs


Training & Consultancy Experience


As a Senior Trainer and Consultant, Daniele Trevisani has over 20 years of training and consulting experience, ranging from personal consulting for CEOs, top managers and athletes, to SME training projects and multinational Human Resources training.

Clients that attended courses and seminars include: INTEL Corporation, Siemens, Learning Resources Associates, Coop Italia, Italian Army, Shell, Telecom Italia, Digital, IBM, FS, Alitalia, Media-Beat, Società Autostrade, Deutsche Bank, Banca di Roma, Merloni, Nobel Biocare, Hewlett Packard, Coop, Dade Behring, Tetrapak, Gruppo Italiano Vini, Reed Business, Telemat, Grandi Molini Italiani, DNV Det Norske Veritas, Vimercati Spa, A.M.A., BCS, Bell, CBM, CNH Italia, Comer Industries, Dana Italia, Demac, Falc, Gnk Waltersheid, Goldoni, Honda Italia, Italtractor ITM, Kuhn Italia, Landini, Laverda, Same Deutz Fahr Group, Trelleborg Wheel System, Marazzi Ceramics, CARIGE Bank, Chiesi Farmaceutics, Enel, Centrum Pensplan, Johnsons Wax, Fedon, Borealis Group, Solvay-Benvic, Solvin, Vinyloop , Royal Consulate General of Denmark - Trade Council Of Denmark, Ceres, Normann Copenhagen, GLS Logistics, Norfolkline, Gasa, Uffefrank, Eise, Publicitas, DMA, Scavangegt, Tulip Food, Eise Gug, Ambu, SagaFood, Holger Christiansen, Blue Water Shipping, Danish Crown, Atahotels, ETF, Rulli Rulmeca, Polar Seafood, Pharma Nord, Syddansk Universitet, Bang & Olufsen, Volksbank.


Research and consulting projects on competitiveness where conducted in several leading companies such as Adecco, Ducati Motor, Giglio, Barilla, System Ceramics, Sacmi, Maserati , Enichem, Ferrari Cars.


Experiences in Business Schools also include teaching in 10 different Master Level courses and in Universities, including the official course in Training Techniques at Bologna University, Communication Science, in 2004, and the Master in Professional Communication in San Marino University, since 2001.


Daniele takes care of International Training Programs and conducts training and is the Italian partner for Frost and Sullivan Training Division (London, UK) and Commax Consulting (Munich, DE).


As expert in communication and management, he has been involved by the European Commission in several Development projects in East Europe, including Public Marketing & Communication Training and projects for international competitiveness in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia. Some of his books are currently translated in Russian and Romanian Languages, with ongoing translation projects also in English, German, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese.

Market Sector Focus

  • Manufacturing

  • Information & Communication Technology

  • Diagnostics Industry & Health

  • Tourism

  • Sports & Fitness

  • Security & Intelligence

  • Bank & Finance

  • Public Management & Economic Development

  • Professional Services

  • Industrial Associations and networks


  • Italian (trains in Italian)

  • English (trains in English)

  • French (trains in French with minimal local assistance)

  • Spanish (trains in Spanish with minimal local assistance)

  • German (trains in German with minimal local assistance)


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Dr. Daniele Trevisani International Trainer, International Coach, International Speaker, Sports Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching. Mail Address

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Dr. Daniele Trevisani - Master of Arts in Mass Communication, University of Florida (USA) - Fulbright Scholar, Intercultural Communication, American University of Washington, DC (USA) - Certified Advanced Coach by STEP™ - Certified Counselor by STEP™ - Certified Coaching Supervisor by STEP™ - Certified Counseling Supervisor by STEP™ - Master Trainer HPM™ Human Potential Method - Master Trainer ALM™ Business Coaching Method - Master Trainer HPM™ Intercultural Communication Method

Areas of Intervention

Europe Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Italy Ireland Luxembourg Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Yugoslavia East-Europe Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Hungary Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia- Further: India, China, Far East. Arab Countries, Mediterranean Region and Balkan Region, Canada, United States, Far East, Middle East, Japan, China, Korea


I Master Metodo HPM (Sviluppo manageriale del potenziale personale) e Metodo ALM (Master privato in Marketing Management) condotti direttamente dal Dott. Daniele Trevisani

Proud member of the CWF - Coaching World Federation