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Digging into the Latin Roots that generated Leonardo da Vinci's approach to inventions and creativity

Dr. Daniele Trevisani, Tools for Coaching and Training in High-Level Challenges

  • Professional Development is deeply rooted into a positive spiral of growth. We take care of personal development and skills development in a holistic unified approach.

  • We are specialized in offering our clients the highest level of professional helping relation in coaching, training and top-level consulting

  • We love introducing new concepts, making new analysis based on new models, and creating a "multilevel strategy" towards positive change

  • We strongly believe in passion and motivation that can create the highest level of team effectiveness in highly challenging environments

The main ingredients: Humanistic Approach, Research, Science, Passion, Direct and Straight-to-the Point Approach, Passion for Innovation, Active Training, Effective Coaching, Professional Development and Team Development Methods


Special Programs for Management Training, Executives Training and Coaching, CEO and Board Consulting

european experts in trainingeuropean experts in coachingspecial training and coaching programsteam building and communicationholistic communication and human relationsinnovation managementlife-work balance - sustainable work

  • Exploration of Self-Potential
  • Business and Life Balance
  • Life-Coaching on Personal Energies Enrichment
  • Life, Health & Energies Strategies: Empowering Managers as People
  • Active Management of Goals and Stress, Activation and Relaxation using the HPM (Human Potential Management) Model
  • T-Chart (Time Chart) vision and goals building for personal growth
  • Person-Centered Sales Coaching and Sales Training

Strategic Programs and Special programs for Business Training and Special Management Issues

  • Managing KLE (Key Leader Engagement), KLE Operations and Support
  • Perceptual Marketing and Multisensorial Communication
  • Managing Psychological Operations
  • Training in Communication Skills based on Theatre and Actor's Training Methodology (Stanislavskij Method)
  • T-Chart (Time Chart) vision and goals building for business and organizational growth
  • Communicational Leadership
  • Conversation Analysis for Business
  • Exploring the Psychology of Interpersonal Communication
  • Key Accounting
  • Key Client Management
  • Key People Management
  • Corporate Guiding-Principles, White Paper and Shared Values Booklets
  • Managing information flow to the customer
  • Precise and Reliable Communications: the Key to Internal Efficiency

Special Programs for Innovation and Leadership from the Latin Culture

  • Roman Empire and Leadership. Leadership Methods of the Roman Empire: how to lead a Company using the Skills of Emperors
  • Latin Training System
  • Gladiators: The Warrior Within, Roman Gladiators Skills for today's Business Coliseum
  • Strength, Honor and Courage: the roots of inspiration and motivation
  • Baccanale In The Company (Latin: Bacchanalia; English: Bacchanalia, Roman Ritual dedicated to Bacchus). Deriving its origins from Roman Rituals, and adapted to modern Corporate needs of Organizational Team Building and Effective Presentations, it offers a new approach to organizing meetings and presentations which combines music, storytelling, commentary, theatre and comedy, video and entertainment. Versions of Bacchanal are Corporate Parties and Corporate Presentations using Perceptual Marketing Tools
  • Machiavelli and the Strategic Thinking: Strategically Organized Moves within the Company and with Clients in Negotiation and Business
  • Managing Improvisation and the Unexpected: The Theatre of Improvisation, lessons and methods from the "Commedia dell'Arte", the work on personal expression skills, improving professional skills and communication skills in new environments, unexpected situations, unstructured setting and different cultural environments
  • Secrets from Greek and Latin Rhetoric for powerful advances in personal and professional communication skills

Special Training Programs in Sports Training, Business and Extreme Environments: frontiers of Human Potential

  • Frontiers of Human Potential in extreme physical and organizational environments
  • Managing Crisis and Crisis Communications
  • Mental Training for Business Executives: Keeping Concentration and Performance Levels Working Under Pressure
  • Training for Martial Arts Athletes (biomechanical conditioning and Mental Training)
  • Training for Extreme Sports (biomechanical conditioning and Mental Training)
  • Training for Fighting Sports (biomechanical conditioning and Mental Training)
  • Mental Training and Micro-Skills Training for Sports (e.g. Soccer Teams, Volleyball Teams, and other sport)
  • Training for Security Professionals in extreme environments (biomechanical conditioning and Mental Training)
  • DaoShi® Martial System for Combat Sports
  • DaoShi® Martial System for Business Training and Coaching
  • Bioenergetics for Professional Athletes
  • Bioenergetics for Management
  • Communitarianism and the Team: creating a spirit of Sacrifice, Honor and Courage, Commitment towards the Company and the Team
  • Special Programs on Pride and Recognition

Levels of Professional Intervention

  • Skills Training
  • Semiotic Training
  • Crew Communications Effectiveness
  • Crew Resources Management
  • Influence Operations
  • Wisdom coaching and higher level interventions on deep values reinforcement
  • Connected behavioral and attitude change
  • Tactical Focusing
  • Team Strategy Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Conferences and Motivational Interventions
  • Workshop intervention
  • Long-term improvement strategy
  • Consulting for Team Leaders
  • Consulting for individual Team Members
  • Scouting High Potentials
  • Team Climate Analysis
  • Train the trainers
  • Training for Coaching
  • Holistic Focusing sessions
  • Visioning and questioning sessions
  • T-charts (proprietary technique)
  • 4-Distance Modeling for Team Building
  • 4-Distance Modeling for Special Operations

Frontiers: Experimental Advanced Business Training Programs

Several Special Training Programs arise from the ongoing research conducted by Dr. Daniele Trevisani and colleagues, in the fields of communication, psychology, extreme sports, management, and news challenges in any field of intervention. Among them we mention, as examples:

  • Neural Conditioning (Psychomotor Conditioning in Automatic Rapid Reactions)
  • Neural Conditioning (Conversational Moves, Communication Automatic Rapid Reactions)
  • Negotiation Frame Analysis
  • Psychophysiological Flow Analysis
  • Inter-crew compatibility in closed environments
  • Inter-crew optimization and communication effectiveness
  • Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Intercultural Influence, Influence Operations based on Archetype Functions and Strategic Semiotics
  • Communication Gym for Extreme Environments
  • Keeping highly effective communication abilities under stress and in challenging environments
  • Neural adaptation for Extreme Environments

Studio Trevisani Human Performance & Communication Research

As European Experts in Coaching, Consulting and Training. We contribute to:

  • Enhancing mental skills, operational skills and functioning of individuals and teams in challenging environments and tasks

  • Supporting personal and organizational transformation, change management, actively building a better future

  • Model-building for Communication Consulting, Research & Training in Human Performance and Human Potential

  • Research in Psychology, Management, Semiotics, HR, Holistic and Cross-Disciplinary Training & Consulting Methodology

  • Training and coaching in High Performance Teams

Studio Trevisani Communication Research is located in Ferrara (northern Italy, near Milan, Venice, Bologna and Florence), close to the most important European regions and business area.

We work mainly as a high-level research and training Studio, with 22 of years experience in training. We have conducted projects for top-rated clients, such as Siemens, Barilla, Coop, the Italian Army, lectured in several Universities, and also worked as research experts in Ferrari Cars and other leading companies (studies on psychology of international negotiation, brand perceptions, cross-cultural marketing, under European Union projects).

A short list of some references of Clients who attended (at various levels) our Seminars, Coaching Sessions or Workshops include:

  • United Nations, Siemens, Barilla, Learning Resources Associates, Coop Italia, Italian Army, Shell, Telecom Italia, Digital, IBM, FS, Alitalia, Media-Beat, Società Autostrade, Deutsche Bank, Banca di Roma, Merloni, Nobel Biocare, Hewlett Packard, Coop, Dade Behring, Tetrapak, Gruppo Italiano Vini, Reed Business, Telemat, Grandi Molini Italiani, DNV Det Norske Veritas, Vimercati Spa, A.M.A., BCS, Bell, CBM, CNH Italia, Comer Industries, Dana Italia, Demac, Falc, Gnk Waltersheid, Goldoni, Honda Italia, Italtractor ITM, Kuhn Italia, Landini, Laverda, Same Deutz Fahr Group, Trelleborg Wheel System, Marazzi Ceramics, CARIGE Bank, Chiesi Farmaceutics, Enel, Centrum Pensplan, Johnsons Wax, Fedon, Borealis Group, Solvay-Benvic, Solvin, Vinyloop , Royal Consulate General Of Denmark - Trade Council Of Denmark, Ceres, Normann Copenhagen, GLS Logistics, Norfolkline, Gasa, Uffefrank, Eise, Publicitas, DMA, Scavangegt, Tulip Food, Eise Gug, Ambu, SagaFood, Holger Christiansen, Blue Water Shipping, Danish Crown, Atahotels, ETF, Rulli Rulmeca, Polar Seafood, Pharma Nord, Syddansk Universitet, Bang & Olufsen.

  • Research projects and management analysis have been conducted as European Union Experts within Adecco, Ducati Motor, Giglio, Barilla, System Ceramics, Sacmi, Maserati , Enichem, Ferrari Cars.

Qualified International Partners for International Training Projects in Italy and Europe: The Consulting and Training Studio is available as partner for European and Global companies, and Government offices, looking for high-level training and consulting skills, senior-level expertise, trustworthiness, and a solid experience in research, training, coaching and consulting. The Studio is already the Italian partner for top-level managerial training in international projects of companies such as Commax Consulting (Munich, Germany), Frost & Sullivan (London, UK)

European Marketing ConsultantsEuropean Communication ConsultantsEuropean Human Resources ConsultantsCommunication ConsultingCommunication ResearchSales Training

European Communication Consultants Mission and Areas of Intervention in Training, Consulting and Research: To help clients achieve life and business goals, using a wide variety of consulting and training methods, with a cross-disciplinary, holistic and pragmatic approach. Studio Trevisani has the mission of creating research-based consulting and training tools, theories, and models not available by any other consulting studio in the world (unique models). We wish to help partners in projects dealing with Italian and other European markets needing qualified, professional and high level training and consulting skills, for multinational projects or local projects. We also help High Performance Teams to improve their functioning in complex situations and challenging tasks.
Europeand Holistic Marketing Consultants Vision: To contribute to the knowledge on human potential with unique research; to help the growth of managers and clients with new, efficient and pioneering models that increase personal and organizational effectiveness. Our vision deals with being recognized as the most pioneering and scientifically advanced European Communication Consultants, European Marketing Consultants, European Human Resources and Training Consultants, and worldwide experts in human potential research combined with communication research. It is our aim to become the most qualified Italian Partners for high-level consulting and training companies, based on the judgment of the quality and originality of the self-produced holistic consulting and training models
Holistic Consultants - European Human Resources and Training Consultants Values: We believe in family, honesty and personal growth. The social value of enhancing the life-quality of individuals, managers, organizations and firms, through the models and theories we produce, is our motivational drive. We work hard in order to build models based on Personal Growth Consulting and Organizational Growth Consulting. We work for solving problems and help people and companies in achieving dreams and goals.

Webmarketing and Digital Communication ResearchIndustrial ConsultingFront-Line Communication Check-upMarketing Communication ResearchExperimental ResearchAdvanced and Experimental Training

Our mission and vision is implemented with a commitment for research in the field of Communication Science and Human Potential Research. Our research enables us to transfer useful concepts, models and practices to selected organizations, applying original training techniques, coaching and research instruments in our consulting projects. Our Holistic Consulting Projects are based on both qualitative and quantitative disciplines.

A few notes on the impact factor of our books:

  • Psychology of Marketing & Communication has been the best selling marketing book written by an Italian author in Italy since 2002 (#1, data source Internet Bookshop)
  • Human Potential ranks #3 in the first year of sales, in the area of Human Resources, Training and Coaching books (#3, data source Internet Bookshop)
  • Intercultural Negotiation is the reference book in Italy for International Negotiation Training at business level, and is adopted as reference book in the Excellence Center for Communication Training of the Italian Army. It is also used as source of models in programs for NATO training projects (unclassified).

We have also lectured in several universities, business schools, and master courses, included:

  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Communication Science
  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Economics, Master in Information Technology and Corporate Communications (responsible for the design and development of the Training Project and Training Structure)
  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Psychology
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Dept. of Engineering
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Dept. of Economics
  • University of San Marino, Master in Communication Theory and Practices
  • University of Ferrara, Dept. of Human Sciences
  • University of Ferrara, Dept. of Economics
  • IFOA School of Management (Partner of the University of Wales)
  • COOP Italia School of Management



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Dr. Daniele Trevisani International Trainer, International Coach, International Speaker, Sports Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching. Mail Address

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Dr. Daniele Trevisani - Master of Arts in Mass Communication, University of Florida (USA) - Fulbright Scholar, Intercultural Communication, American University of Washington, DC (USA) - Certified Advanced Coach by STEP™ - Certified Counselor by STEP™ - Certified Coaching Supervisor by STEP™ - Certified Counseling Supervisor by STEP™ - Master Trainer HPM™ Human Potential Method - Master Trainer ALM™ Business Coaching Method - Master Trainer HPM™ Intercultural Communication Method

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Europe Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Italy Ireland Luxembourg Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Yugoslavia East-Europe Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Hungary Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia- Further: India, China, Far East. Arab Countries, Mediterranean Region and Balkan Region, Canada, United States, Far East, Middle East, Japan, China, Korea


I Master Metodo HPM (Sviluppo manageriale del potenziale personale) e Metodo ALM (Master privato in Marketing Management) condotti direttamente dal Dott. Daniele Trevisani

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