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Daniele Trevisani Training & Research

best european trainers in salesbest european consultants in leadership

Dr. Daniele Trevisani

Research and Publishing on Human Potential Training, Positive Psychology, Personal Energies

Studio Trevisani Consulting, Leading innovators in Europe for Human Performance Methods, Active Management Training, Business, Sports & Management Coaching, Outdoor Management Training Methods based on Active Training and Drama, Advanced Communication Research

  • Daniele Trevisani imagesDaniele Trevisani is an Italian pioneer in advanced communication science, and a multidisciplinary researcher in human performance and human potential. 
  • He and his Studio provide services of coaching, training and consulting to selected Clients, including  Companies, Organizations, Universities, and Individuals.
  • He is also among the top-rated European consultants, writer of best sellers in Management, Communication Human Potential & psychology

Integrating Business Training with Sports Experience

  • Daniele Trevisani is a Drama Specialist, Trainer, Coach and Counselor, Human Factor and and Communication Researcher with a unique knowledge of Research methods, combined with strong academic background. This enables him to provide special training methods, merging innovation, action, performance, communication analysis, and special methods for CEO, C-level and Management Decision Making.
  • He is also a specialist in R&D in industrial and scientific field, with a strong drive in bringing people and organization to a higher level of problem solving skills and human value-based approach.
  • Studiotrevisani's Weblog: Blog di psicologia e comunicazione, management


  • Human Potential, state of the art

    Human Potential: Methods and techniques for the development of training, coaching and human performance. Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano

    Keywords of Dr. Daniele Trevisani approach:

    • Positive Psychology
    • Personal Development
    • Organizational Development
    • Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring
    • Active Training
    • Training and coaching methods
    • Human Potential Research
    • Psychology of Value
    • Incommunicability Analysis
    • Training for the Unexpected
    • Mental Training
    • Internal Communication
    • Human Resources Development
    • Team Building
    • Personal Coaching
    • Group Coaching
    • High Performance Teams
    • Peak Condition

The Holistic-Pragmatic Approach: Methodology & Goals

best european trainers in salesbest european consultants in leadershipbest european consultants in intercultural negotiation

Counseling on Marketing, Communication, Management & Leadership, Human Resources The holistic-pragmatic methodology requires the constant exploration of a several and apparently unrelated fields of human knowledge and includes traditional fields as Semiotics, ancient Greek and Latin Rhetoric, and new research frontiers on Mental Energy and Bioenergetics, Cognitive Sciences and Intercultural Communication - with a unique focus: exploring new ways to achieve change, lasting performance, goals and wellness for personal and organizational objectives.
Training of Managers and CEOs Research and training requires a strong commitment, and cross-disciplinary efforts for breaking barriers between disciplines - from Sport & Performance Science to Humanistic Psychology, from Economics and Statistics to Anthropology,  from Andragogy to Personal Therapy, from Marketing to Human Resources Management, Drama and Cognitive Sciences - wherever a source of inspiration and useful tools can be found, without limits
Marketing Training, Marketing Consultants, Communication Training The hard work of exploring frontiers in communication and management, personal growth and human potential, arises from the motivational drive of:
  • contributing with new theories and methodologies in communication science, and
  • create new tools for the wellness and efficacy of individuals and organizations that strive to achieve their goals.

Special Training Programs in Sports Training and Extreme Environments

  • Training for Martial Arts Athletes (biomechanical conditioning and Mental Training)
  • Training for Extreme Sports (biomechanical conditioning and Mental Training)
  • Training for Fighting Sports (biomechanical conditioning and Mental Training)
  • Mental Training and Micro-Skills Training for Sports (e.g. Soccer Teams, Volleyball Teams, and other sport)
  • Training for Security Professionals in extreme environments (biomechanical conditioning and Mental Training)
  • DaoShi® Martial System

Double Focus on content and on delivery methods (active training, active consulting)

To create change it is necessary to act both on the content (the aim and goals to be achieved) and on the process that is used to create change. In the training and consulting method created by Daniele Trevisani, the focus on the process is a priority, without attention to the process of change itself, no goal can be achieved.

  • The active training methods used for bringing customers the most advanced and revolutionary perspectives are also part of the research effort.
  • Using active training techniques means to use cross-disciplinary integration and create growth experiences rather than delivering lectures.
  • The Action Line Management coaching and training methods are based on the goal of delivering the models and materials in such a way that participants can “feel” and “live” an experience of growth and change, rather than "attending a course", "receiving suggestions", or being merely exposed to theories and principles. The mere exposure to contents of suggestions does not produce any lasting change.

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Training Services based on the Latin-Training-System approach:

  • European most active authors of innovation in holistic-training and active-training methodology
  • best european trainers in communication, communication Psychology and Communication Models
  • best european trainers in marketing Psychology
  • best european trainers in leadership and Organizational Development
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  • best european trainers in coaching and Coaching methods, Train-the-Trainers Services and Train-the-trainers for intercultural Environment (with specific experience in Army training)
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  • best european trainers in negotiation and intercultural Negotiation
  • best european trainers in human resources methods based on Humanistic Approaches
  • best european trainers in human Potential, authors of the Human Potential Modeling (Hpm) Method
  • best european consultants in intercultural communication
  • best european consultants in intercultural negotiation

Others - Sports Experience

  • Daniele Trevisani holds 3 Black Belts in 3 different styles: Taekwondo (agonistic full-contact US style), Kickboxing, and DaoShi. He is also Sensei (highest level ranking) in DaoShi and Master in Muay Thai.
  • Daniele has over 24 years of experience in individual and team-coaching, including Volleyball (Coach of he International Fulbright Volley Team of the American University of Washington DC in 1990), Fitness, Boxe and Martial Arts.


Special Training Areas

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Intercultural Negotiation

  • Communication Skills Training

  • Phenomenology of Communication (analysis of communication from a holistic standpoint)

  • Key Leader Engagement

  • Local Leader Engagement

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Advanced Listening Skills

  • Effective Intercultural Public Speaking

  • Preparation of complex Role-Playing

  • Train-the-trainers courses in Intercultural Communication and Negotiation

  • Observation Skills - Enhanced Perception Skills

  • Communications in Crisis Management

  • Team Communications: Coordination, Information Flows and Cooperation

  • Leadership and Communication

  • Mental Training for Communication and Relationship Tasks


A professional Approach demonstrated by Daniele Trevisani's Books

  • Daniele Trevisani is a well known writer, whose contributions are spread across several Wikipedia voices and in Thesis and Business Papers. Some of his main publications:
Corporate Competitiveness Corporate, Personal and Organizational Competitiveness

Tools for the Development and Creation of Value

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2000.

Psychology of Marketing and Communication

Psychology of Marketing & Communication

Buyer's Impulses, Persuasion Tools, New Strategies for Communication and Management

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2002.

Buying Behavior & Strategic Communication

From the Analysis of Consumer Behavior to Communication Management  

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2003.

Intercultural Negotiation: Communication beyond cultural barriers.

From internal relations to international negotiations

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan. 2005.

Link ai contenuti del volume Regie di Cambiamento. Approcci integrati alle risorse umane, allo sviluppo personale e organizzativo, e al coaching The Change Director

Integrated approaches to human resources, personal and organizational development, and coaching

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2007. (240 pages.)

Daniele Trevisani - Human Potential - Book Human Potential

Methods and techniques for human performance coaching and training

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2009. (240 pages).

Strategic Selling

Psychology and Communication for Consultative Selling and Complex Negotiations
Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano, 2011. (280 pages)


Personal Energy

A map for the Empowerment of Mental Energies

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano, 2013. (100 pages)



Psychologies of motivation and performance

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano, 2014. (176 pages)


The Courage of Emotions

Energies for Life, Communication and Personal Growth

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano, 2015. (135 pages)


Books published in English and other languages by Dr. Daniele Trevisani

  • Semiotics for Leaders.
  • Symbols, Meanings, Power & Communication
  • New Leadership Styles, Energies and Behaviors
  • Medialab Research Publishing, 194 pages
  • Book Profile on Amazon


  • Leadership, Personal Energies & Team Energies
  • From Ancient Wisdom to Human Potential Research
  • Medialab Research Publishing, 89 pages
  • Book Profile on Amazon
  • The Change Directors
  • (Russian Edition)
  • Akvilon Publishing, Kiev
  • Psychology of Marketing and Communication
  • (Romenian Edition)
  • Irecson Publishing



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